[Japan Expo 2016] DiGiCyber - Tragic Fate

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[Japan Expo 2016] DiGiCyber - Tragic Fate

Post by DigiCyber on Sat Jul 09, 2016 7:39 am

Thnx Rei' Very Happy
hello everyone
so , this is my Japan expo entry for this year
it ended up as a cdc in the end xDD
this clip actually took from me a while to make it , & i hope that it didn't turned out that bad xD lel
well , this clip's story is all about rin tohsaka that she missed her father after he went to the holy grail war , after 10 years she'll find him killed in a church & everything will end up by avenging her father
i was hoping for making what i can call " the most original amv about fate series " & i think that i achieved this objective for now , even if the edit itself lack a lot of things ( due to my limited experience XD rofl )
in the end i want to thank ReiGami for supporting me to join this contest & to finish this clip , sagiki & kazeshin for the beta testing , & rayVMB & Liar & kurokaze & everyone else for following the project & the support Smile
Anime : Fate Stay night UBW / Fate zero / Code Breaker / steins gate / Zankyou No Terror / Toki wo Kakeru shoujo / C: Control / Umineko / Haikyuu / death Note / Kara no kyoukai / Akame ga kill / bakemonogatari / blood-c / FMAB / Sword Art Online
Music : Hurts - Mercy
Software used : Adobe After effects cs6
Download Link : https://mega.nz/#!kN5lgZCK!APT5HDmdNvIG7nj4ZQRVsxj_d0QS3-3J5PU4yTrSpNs
Streaming Link :

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Re: [Japan Expo 2016] DiGiCyber - Tragic Fate

Post by KuroKaze_17 on Sat Jul 09, 2016 4:19 pm

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