[Level Up 2016] - Ojo No Ansatsu

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[Level Up 2016] - Ojo No Ansatsu

Post by DigiCyber on Wed Aug 24, 2016 9:47 am

DigiCyber (Novice): Well, regardless of how hard it was to make this clip i'm still pretty glad & satisfied with the progress that i made Smile , working with Noor on this clip was an incredible experience for me since i learned a lot of things about how to make a clear story & to improve more with my editing itself , as improving more with the basics most of all as well as the technical part as well Smile , i wish if i had a bit more time to fix couple of things but it was a great experience for me to do this with such an incredible pro as Noor Smile , i hope ye'll enjoy & understand this clip regardless of some probs that i had ^^

Noormuda (Pro): Being a pro isn't as easy as I thought it would be haha. but I had a great experience teaching Digi how to execute his thoughts through editing and what he needs to achieve that. but starting with an editor that is still new to the editing world was quite a challenge I have to admit, but seeing how digi was when he first started his project and now after he finished it makes me proud because there was a huge difference how he used to edit months ago and how he edits now. Digi had the motivation to change and prove it to everyone and I think his final product is great. I do think he leveled up during this project and I believe he will keep on leveling up until he reaches what he wants.

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Re: [Level Up 2016] - Ojo No Ansatsu

Post by Kyoroichi on Sun Aug 28, 2016 9:31 am

Well I agree with Noor, you've definitely leveled up, I didn't like your camera movements and some masks were really rough but it was a really nice idea and scene selection was cool as well, I want to see your next project haha!


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