[AzukaYuki & HakuRyuu] - Kingdom Requiem

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[AzukaYuki & HakuRyuu] - Kingdom Requiem

Post by DigiCyber on Mon Jan 22, 2018 7:45 am

Yo !!
so after a long year from dropping we managed to finish our first collab for the crows IC #3 , we were afraid that we won't be able to make it in time but here we are x33
we hope that u guys will like it

Animes: Akatsuki no Yona & Shoukoku no altair
DL : https://mega.nz/#!4AYTjaha!Z_dm8dRquabETnHC-PKXRxnd7YupWc09_0lysDpI_B0
Musique: 「If」歌ってみた【柿チョコ】中文字幕

1- HakuRyuu (0:00-0:29)
2- AzukaYuki (0:29-0:58)
3- HakuRyuu (0:58-1:27)
4- AzukaYuki (1:27-1:57)

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