[AMV Basics] How To Render And Encode Lossless AVI To MP4 (VEGAS PRO)

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[AMV Basics] How To Render And Encode Lossless AVI To MP4 (VEGAS PRO)

Post by Cat-sama on Sun Jan 17, 2016 7:07 am

[30/01/2016] Updated with some input from Radical_Yue.

Because if I had a dollar for every time someone wonders why rendering straight into .mp4 didn't work out... (and we aren't using WMM we don't need this .wmv bullshit).

This particular tutorial is one that was originally written up by Ninetailsrox in like... 2012. Make no mistake, it still fucking works and I've been linking this shit to people for years (and this is how I continue to render out of Vegas Pro). Just know my knowledge when it comes to anything tech related is few and far between; if you want someone to go into more depth concerning this sorta stuff then you may wanna head elsewhere.

OK let's start ripping Ash's sik tutorial. Pls excuse me as I rewrite some of it, my sweet tuna.

1) Download AMVApp (http://www.animemusicvideos.org/guides/avtech31/amvapp.html)

Basically a .rar/.zip (I forgot which one exactly...) that contains all the possible shit you'll need for making sik amvs look shiny or somesht. For this tutorial you'll only need some specific files from the pack BUT THIS SHIT IS ALL GOLD TBH.


2) Install all that fucking shit or whatever.


Open up that rendering tab and click that cute little 'Custom' button.

Good job, you're in the Custom Settings! I have no goddamn idea what your default settings will show, but change that shit up to look like my settings.

Also name your custom template to something YOU'LL REMEMBER AND RECOGNISE.

And as an added note: FPS is entirely up to you. Some people prefer editing in 29.970, and that's all good in the hood. But keep in mind ALL NEW ANIME IS RELEASED IN 23.976 FPS. Older anime will typically be in 29.970.

Okey dokey, now we're onto the Audio tab. Nothing to say other than copy that shit down.

And last thing in the Custom Settings, the Project tab! ...The end.

Save your template and render that shit; pray to amv jesus ur vegas survives. Also this is all being done on Pro 10 SO ALL U FANCY KIDS WITH UR VEGAS 13 ur on ur own if there's anything different (it really shouldn't be that different though dw).


OK, if what you rendered was a full AMV THEN IT'S GONNA BE PRETTY BIG. LIKE OVER 1GB BIG. But don't worry, that's why we encode that bitch.

Firstly we'll do zarx, so open up that shit up.

Settings should be like this. Going over 20 in 'Quantizer' ain't a good idea - you can drop it lower, provided it doesn't bloat the file size to ridiculous proportions. For Preset, the 'Slower' it is, the better (i.e. Very Slow gives shinier quality whereas Ultra Fast will give you garbage). By default your audio will be on AAC (Quality) and it'll make your audio quality trash - switch it to '(Bitrate)' with the value being 320 (which is like... the 720p/bluray of audio).

Drag and drop your .avi file into 'Input Video'. This little bastard should pop up:

-Adjusts feline glasses- According to Ash it doesn't matter what you choose (at least to her), though Yue added AviSynth AVI Source is a good option to take, so let's just go with that.

Advanced Settings. I don't think I've ever touched them in my life, and Ash doesn't say a thing about them (gdi ash).

Click 'Encode'. The process will take roughly the same amount of time as rendering did, so be prepared. It's worth though; your file will come out tiny which = it taking up less space and faster upload times and that's p cool imo.

A dialogue box MIGHT show up called 'ffdshow compatibility manager'. I have no picture since it didn't pop up for me personally. IF it does, select either one of the first two options ('Don't use ffdshow') and click 'OK'.

Then you twiddle your thumbs til it spits out your .mp4 file.


Drag and drop your .avi file into the box with the camera icon beside it. Tick deluxe. Hit 'Start'. The end.

5) U DID IT IM SO PROUD OF U! ! !! ! ! !

If anything goes wrong blame Ash. zarx is better than AMVSimple. I personally don't encode my .avi files and instead put them through a scripting program first. But that's a tutorial for another day I've already wasted over 30 minutes of my life on this one.

Might update with links to animemusicvideos.org (since they got some in depth tutorials from people who know what they're talking about) and other fixes. If you have anything to add feel free to leave it in a reply below. If u have a question go fck urself I want to watch Gintama.

Special thanks to Ninetailsrox and Radical_Yue.

After Effects Render Settings

Premiere Render Settings (not yet done)

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Re: [AMV Basics] How To Render And Encode Lossless AVI To MP4 (VEGAS PRO)

Post by Jeff on Sun Jan 17, 2016 5:58 pm

Cat-sama wrote:If anything goes wrong blame Ash.
Incredible lmao.
It's awesome that you posted this Cat, thank you!

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Re: [AMV Basics] How To Render And Encode Lossless AVI To MP4 (VEGAS PRO)

Post by Ninetailsrox on Sun Jan 17, 2016 11:02 pm

If anything goes wrong blame Ash. wrote:
I'll cry.

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Re: [AMV Basics] How To Render And Encode Lossless AVI To MP4 (VEGAS PRO)

Post by DarthZ on Tue Feb 09, 2016 6:33 pm

so helpful <3
thank you Smile

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Re: [AMV Basics] How To Render And Encode Lossless AVI To MP4 (VEGAS PRO)

Post by Kisagi on Mon Feb 15, 2016 5:08 am


If you want I can do the premiere rendering/exporting sequence for you.

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Re: [AMV Basics] How To Render And Encode Lossless AVI To MP4 (VEGAS PRO)

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